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Shotwell 21st By heather smith.Photos and video by mike shriver They used to be one of the most interesting sights in nighttime dolores park:A whooping, cheering group on bicycles, darting in between each other on one of the tennis courts, whacking a tiny ball with homemade polo mallets. To get to the bike polo game now, visitors have to sneak through an unexpectedly bloodthirsty soccer match on the far side of the tennis courts at jose coronado park, at 21st and shotwell streets.Bike polo itself strikes the casual observer as rough, and the two games perilously migrate into each others turf as well as fences, walls, and the tennis net. “Two to three years ago none of us wore a helmet,”One of the players says. “I used to bike to polo cheap polo ralph lauren t shirts in my helmet, and then take it off to play.That was stupid, in retrospect. ” Oral history suggests that bicycle polo in the san francisco dates back to at least the 1990s, when a group of bicycle messengers used to gather in golden gate park and play polo with mallets that they’d carved themselves, into the shapes of tiny dogs heads.Over time, the group morphed into its current incarnation:San francisco bicycle polo.They have t shirts.They have printed beer can cozies.They don’t have meetings, really.But they’re getting to it. Other players link themselves to a more illustrious lineage. “Horse polo and elephant polo go way back,”Says joel, who by day works in marketing for wells fargo. “There’s some dispute between the indians and the irish as to who cheap ralph lauren invented that.But pretty much as soon as the bicycle was invented, people started playing polo on it. “He points to a man at the far end of the court, careening around. “Devin, over there his grandfather played bike polo.It was even an olympic sport. “Read more here.

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