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Fancy new fragrances and super There a rat in the ranks!Only, uh, she not at all ratty, and is in fact a total babe and without her, zo and yas would be slipping into cardiac arrest on a daily basis.So, we decided to give her a blog and she can tell you all what goes on in p town.Ahh, blogs.We love blogs.Blog blog blog, love love love. Hi.Thanks for dropping by.This is my very first post from inside the primped office.Yay!It’s possible this may be a little more exciting for me than it is for you, but hopefully you’re interested in hearing my behind the scenes tales of your favourite beauty site. Ok.So the introduction.I’m primped insider, newbie to the beauty industry.I started here as an intern a couple of months ago and managed to hoodwink zoe into giving me a job.So now i’m surrounded by the lovely zoe and yas every day and picking up pieces of their wisdom(And bits of eye pencil shavings and tissue paper)Along the way. Ed note:We can not show you pi face, so here she is showing off her luscious red hair. (This is not for identity reasons, it just that she always wears her hair like this. ) One part of my job is to deliver the pretty little parcels that come into the office to zoe and yas.What happens is pr companies send in the latest product so that the girls can try them and share their experiences with all of you guys. Here are a couple that caught my eye: Michael kors island michael kors bermuda edp, $138. What the press release says:As you would expect by the name, the inspiration for this fragrance was bermuda.Think pink sand beaches, crystal clear water, and an island paradise. Notes:Vibrant freesia, native hibiscus, watery tropical green notes, cassis buds, tiare blossoms, pink peony, orange flower, jasmine sambac, driftwood and authentic cedarwood. (As far as i can tell, ‘notes’ means ‘the scents used’). My thoughts:I like it.I definitely get the island inspiration.The smell is florally, but it also reminds me of the ocean breeze.Usually i’m not a big fan of flowery scents because they tend to be too overpowering, but i’m liking the mixture of beach smells and sweet tropical flowers.It’s light and feminine. (And you can win a bottle of it right now on primped) Who’d like it:Lovers of clinique happy and ysl elle Olay definity eye illuminating treatment, $39.99 What it is:An eye treatment that fights discolouration, dark spots, fine lines, and dark circles. Why you should use it:The eyes are the first place to show the signs of ageing and usually it’s because they look dark, both due to dark circles and pigmentation.This eye cream works to brighten both of these areas. Insider secret:Zoe just pinched this product off my desk to take home.That’s usually a sign of a product that’s worth having.And the great thing about olay is that they have products with all the latest advances in anti ageing treatments, but with a very reasonable price tag. A word from the wise:International makeup artist, mary greenwell, recommends mixing”Olay definity eye illuminating treatment with a bit of concealer to leave the eye area glowing it’s the perfect trick for creating a flawless makeup look. ” Clinique youth surge spf 15 age decelerating moisturizer, $100 The scientific stuff:This anti ageing moisturiser uses sirtuin activation technology(Also used in michael kors bags outlet estee lauder’s new cream, time zone), which helps extend the ‘lifespan’ of skin and restore a youthful appearance to ageing skin.It’s also formulated with a unique to clinique molecule called isonicotinamide, which helps diminish the appearance of ageing.Whoa!Zo yas always say you gotta be a scientist to be a beauty editor these days.Now i see why. So, basically:It helps slow down the visible signs of ageing while repairing cells, so you get to look younger for longer. My thoughts:The girls are always going on about how important it is to look after your skin.I used to think i was too young to be thinking about anti ageing creams but i’m now realising that it’s important to start a good skincare routine as early as possible.So thanks to zo generosity, i am going to take this baby home and give it a go.I’ll let you know how it goes.

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