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Gift ideas for him It’s hard to believe the holiday shopping season is already well underway and finding the perfect gift for a guy is not always easy.Being the watch fanatics we are at baron guides we of course highly recommend a new wrist watch!They are universally worn by all men michael kors online outlet and if your man is like most his is probably worn to shreds or a fashion nightmare, circa 1987 gold digital casio watch. Don’t worry we are here to help and present a great watch for any type of guy and just in time for the holidays!See our gift guide to men’s watches below: Men’s casual watches for a laidback, jeans and t shirt kind of guy a cool wrist watch can take his fashion level up a notch and won’t require any additional grooming, ironing or decrease in manliness. Recommendation:You will some something trendier and downplayed.The fossil fs4486 features a gnarled bezel, silicone strap with a bracelet look, and chronograph functionality so he can time your brief minutes apart after receiving this killer watch.The gunmetal dial makes this a versatile color and gives off a hint of navy seal, swat team inspiration. Diesel limited edition watch dz4187 It would be hard to find a more unique, modern or eye catching wrist watch.Available only this holiday season and designed with a look that will turn heads the diesel limited edition dz4187 watch makes for an incredible gift.The limited floating numbers could reduce the time telling accuracy but this watch is built for fashion over function.A canvas strap makes it very comfortable and a chronograph feature is built in.Then silver, fine leather straps, ceramic and designer watches would make your perfect gift.The ar1410 is crafted from solid ceramic and features rose gold accenting, regal roman numerals, a date window, chronograph functionality and is embellished with the famous emporio armani logo.This watch is classy enough to move any man up the corporate ladder.Or at least make them look sharp enough to sneak into the corporate lounge. Michael kors golden mkf11 watch Exactly the correct amount of bling to be understated but still say”I’m kind michael kors bags australia of a hedonist”.No designer is hotter than michael kors right now and with a watch like this it’s easy to see why.The matte gold bracelet and case surround a deep blue, clean face only featuring a date window.It’s a little bit 70′s era high roller but somehow cleverly classic.

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