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Skinned newbury park scorer learns the game Fick just laughed.Little did coach steve borg know that fick had been a competitive swimmer since age five. Ballhandling, however, was a different story.It took time, practice and hard work for fick to master scoring and ball control. I couldn’t even shoot the ball,” she said.I had no aim and no power behind it.I used to throw it over the cage all the time.I didn’t have the technique down.” That was in her freshman season.For fick, it felt almost impossible, but with patience and time, things fell into place. The following year, fick set a school record with 64 goals in one season.As a senior this year, fick easily broke her own record.She entered monday’s game against westlake high with 79 goals. Fick is one of the most talented hole sets in the marmonte league and has proven to be an offensive threat.Last year, behind fick’s’ 61 goals, the panthers finished tied for third and earned a southern section playoff berth. But being the best player on the team also had its price.Fick couldn’t take on opponents herself and realized one player couldn’t beat tough teams.She knew something had to change. It’s nice to be the best player and to know that teams plan time on marking me because i’m so strong,” fick said.And teams spend time in practice or an entire practice planning to shut me down.But this year we’re doing a lot better because if i get shut down, a lot of my teammates respond.Erin(Campbell), Jennifer Martens and Lindsay Berke all step up.” Last year, there were team chemistry problems.Fick said that many seniors last season felt threatened by the younger players, which created animosity among members of the team and affected the way they played. It’s nice to stand out but not to the point where people get jealous or cause problems within the team,” fick said.It’s different this year.I feel i don’t stand out as much because my team is playing to the level i’m playing.We have better players and a better team.It’s a more supportive environment and we play as a more cohesive unit.” This year is different.As of friday, newbury park(14 5, 3 2)Is in second place in the marmonte.The addition of assistant coach tom martinez, who primarily works with the hole sets, also helped the team.The structure of practices changed, second year head coach jeff warshaw knew the players better and the team showed tremendous improvement. Fick enjoys her ralph lauren outlet UK team’s success. Women’s water polo didn’t exist until i came.It just shows that that sport was meant for me.I just love it.It’s nice to http://www.irmina.co.uk/ have all that support.” Fick’s mother isn’t the only family member who enjoys sports.Robert fick, her uncle, plays baseball for the detroit tigers. Fick hopes to one day coach water polo after she’s through playing in college.She also plans to teach history after graduating. I’m never going to get rid of water polo, whether i’m in the water or out.I’ll be involved.I’ll be the one the deck shouting orders.”

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